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November 2, 2016

New Canadians have to adopt the good and the bad in their quest to become Canadians and sending their children out to collect candies from strangers and then return home and eat all that sugar over the course of a week or a month is one of those customs that Canadians are proud of .

Not to be a downer but would you give your children poison to drink?  This is exactly what you are doing when children feast of a bunch of candies full of sugar and other chemicals. But it is Canadian culture and we have to fit in.

To each his own. I have stopped giving out candies for a long time. Ever since children were not allowed to accept apples, nuts, and other nutritious items for various reason..  I shut my house down for a few hours and wait it out and then go about my business  I will not waste my money on buying candies for children.  I do not believe they need that.

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